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Meeting Environment

Our Mission: To set-up and help coordinate an exceptionally well-organized, effective and efficient goal strategy, planning and rapid execution accountability system and provide detailed strategic advisory support.

The 5 Most Common Problems Facing Businesses Today

#1. No Written Plan

An agile ‘Working’ Strategic Execution Plan with the specific details of just how you intend to accomplish your targeted strategic goals and objectives.

#2. Lack of a highly synergistic ‘Core-Team’

Your team of 4-5 highly organized, motivated and engaged individuals that are 100% reliable at rapid follow-through.

#3. Inadequate rapid ‘Preliminary Due Diligence’ process

enabling you to very quickly become very organized and prepared in every meeting, discussion or opportunity.

#4. Insufficient Accountability and Follow-Through

weekly meetings that focuses on the Top Priorities moving you rapidly forward rather than a rehash past activity.

#5. Inadequate monthly Performance-On-Goal 'Re-calibration’

because a fluid, agile Plan is critical for adapting to today’s rapidly changing business arena.

The Peer Advisory Forum was established to help compliment the value a member receives from their involvement with other well established peer group formats. It’s not intended to be an alternative to the other formats. It is also designed to incorporate a highly flexible format that adapts to each peer groups specific priorities. We’ve found over the years that no two groups are ever quite the same, “no one size fits all”. Each PAF Group’s meeting format is flexible so as to adapt to that which works best for the Group’s members at any given point in time.

Because… A Fool with a Plan will always be better off than a Genius without a Plan!… So What’s the Plan?… Don’t Tell Us, Show Us!

We are days away from completing our second year of business.

In 2018, we finished the year just below one million dollars in sales. In 2019, we reached 2 million in sales.

Looking forward into 2020, we are projected to make 6 million with 2.3 million already guaranteed in signed contracts.

I have expanded from solopreneur to a team of 12 employees and a host of sub contractors. We currently have 3 candidates in our pool of new-hires that will join our team within the next 60 days bringing our team to 15 employees.

We currently have 8 company vehicles and are shopping for 3 additional trucks to add to our fleet.

Being a part of the Peer Advisory Forum and connecting with you for 1 to 1s has helped contribute to my company’s success. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with you, the interns, and PAF Members. I have learned a lot and have met many incredible people.

… I thank you for making me better

Eric Olson

CEO, Olson Superior Plumbing

Dr. Peter Johnson

Strategic Analyst

Peer Advisory Forum

It’s been said that ‘A Fool with a Plan will always be better off than a Genius without a Plan’. Ask any successful corporate CEO, Entrepreneur or start-up business owner and they could not agree more. But understandably, Planning is not for everyone as it tends to showcase a business leader’s “Depth of Competence” (or on the flip-side perhaps a lack there of…).

Having worked in a long-term strategic role with some of the top organizations over the past 40 years, I’ve experienced first-hand how…

“The Most Organized, Most Focused, Most Prepared… will consistently prevail.” – Sun Tzu (The Art of War – 500 BC)

In the True Spirit of Relentless Growth,

 Dr. Pete Johnson