Strategic Career Preparation…

OPS Team Training Program

Our Mission:

To Provide extensive “Real-World”, hands-on business experience to an elite selection of college students that demonstrate unparalleled passion, dedication and sound strategic work ethic for achieving high-level career goals through augmented academic learning.

 “Growing Your Future… What’s Your Plan?”

  • A “Real-World” Working Strategic Career Plan Focused on Growing Your Future with Monthly Hard-Copy Updates to Measure and Validate Your Forward Progress-On-Plan.
  • Monthly “In-Depth” 1:1 Strategy Review Sessions to Rapidly Incorporate Shift and Changes in Progess.
  • Monthly Peer Advisory Forum Focus-Group Meetings to address Critical Issues and Provide Collaborative Input.
  • Strategic Marketing and Branding Support Team to Provide immediate Assistance in an As-Needed Timeframe.
  • Job Interview Strategy ans Plan Providing a Competitive Advantage Despite Limited Job Experience.

KAIZEN – The Relentless Pursuit of Continuous Innovation and Improvement.

Special invitation

“Monthly Meeting”

10:30 a.m – 2:30 p.m


2nd Friday of the month

Dr. Pete Johnson


25502 Saddle Rock Place

Laguna Hills, CA 92653


1:1 Monthly Meetings

As Peer Schedule


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Dr. Peter Johnson

Strategic Analyst

Peer Advisory Forum

A Unique Concept…

  • So Much More Than Just Another Internship Experience Focused Exposure to a Particular Job or Function
  • Hard-Copy of You Updated “Working Strategic Career Plan provided to all Program Participants at the start of each monthly Training and Career Development Meeting.
  • Because Measurable RESULTS are the Name of the Game.

Dont Tell Me, Show Me!